Skye Danler
Skye at home

My name is Skye Elizabeth Danler. I’m a homeschooler, age 12. I live in Maine, right by the ocean. My favorite subject is science, more specifically biology. I want to be a marine biologist when I grow up. I’ve watched and read a lot about marine animals. Which leads me to the question: What is my favorite animal? My favorite animal would definitely be the sea turtle. This is the most fascinating animal that I have read about so far. I think it’s cruel that many turtles have died from oil spills and swallowing photodegraded and non-photodegraded plastic. We need to help our environment, not kill it.

My favorite activities are acting, photography, and walking around Boston with my family. Although I’m a homeschooler, I am enrolled in Drama Club at Saco Middle School. Out of the characters that I have played, I enjoyed my part as the Cheshire Cat in “Alice” the most. For my 12th birthday, my dad gave me a camera. Ever since, I have enjoyed taking many pictures and buying many prints. I even bought a photo album this year and have been putting all of my pictures in it, writing the date and place for every one. My favorite activites to with my family in Boston, are going to the Museum of Science and the New England Aquarium.

My favorite holiday is Festibond because I love to read and listen to the letters. I also love spending time with my family playing games and eating snacks. It’s a wonderful tradition that I hope to share with my kids when I grow up.


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