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Brent: 2008, A Review

Our 2009 began the way it ended…cold. But that’s Maine and we love to be Mainers. The bookends of white wintry cold are separated by an equally magnificent spring, summer and autumn filled with road trips, lazy days at the beach and coastal adventures with and without lighthouses. Any day in Maine–whether cold and white, warm and green or filled with brilliant colors of autumn–is better than any other day just about anywhere else.

PHL after sunset
PHL after sunset

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Kirsten: 2008, A Review

It is hard to believe that it’s already 2009. As I try to remember all the events that occurred in the past year, I am convinced that regular blogging is a fantastic idea. It serves as an archive, chronicling thoughts and events that would otherwise be forgotten. I just recently started my own blog at kirstenuhler.com called “Cogitations,” thanks to a lot of encouragement and help from Brent. It is a great opportunity for me to articulate and share my thoughts, to vent, and to get me thinking about different things.

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Skye: 2008, A Review

I was excited for Hayley to start kindergarten in 2008. I kept track of the number of days until she’d go and kept reminding her. I enjoyed seeing her excitement. I sat with her on the bus her first day. When she got home mom and dad were excited to ask her about her first day.

Mrs. Littlefield, one of my multi-age teachers from last year, told us she was retiring. I was expecting her to be my fourth grade teacher this year. My class had a farewell party for her at the end of the school year. We made cards for her and presented them at the party. I miss her. Sometimes I get to see her when she substitutes for the third grade class next door.

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Jenna: 2008, A Review

I really enjoyed the 2008th year. The thing I liked most was school. I know everything they teach us, so basically the teachers are not teaching me. My teacher is Darcy Holland. I am so excited about third grade because I can’t wait to see the school (which is a different building) and meet my teachers and my classmates!

The worst thing that I did was going to the lighthouses and beaches on cold (or not-hot) days. That’s my dad’s hobby. My hobby is reading (in warm places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

What I did most was reading. I love reading! What I read most was Harry Potter. (I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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