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Festibond 2012 – My Date with Dad

Recently I had a daddy-daughter date with my Dad for Festibond. We had a great time spending time together bowling. We bowled at Bayside bowl, a site in Portland. He prefers Bayside over Vacationland, but I still don’t get why. Maybe that’s because the last time I went to Vacationland bowling was 2 or 3 years ago.

Brent and Jenna at Bayside Bowl
Brent and Jenna at Bayside Bowl

Anyway, we played two rounds. I bowled with bumpers to avoid a gutter ball but my Dad, of course, still won both rounds. At least I got the first strike. Well, my Dad is good at just about everything I guess. We had fun spending time together, and each time I went, he high fived me no matter how many pins I knocked down. That’s my Dad! He would be proud of me if I knocked one pin down. “You didn’t hit the bumper!” he’d say. I thought that was very nice of him, and I think he is a great guy. Brent got me a root beer, and he made a big deal about it because that was a once in a century thing to drink soda. I felt very very odd drinking it.

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Festibond 2012: My Date With Dad

Since we started discussing Festibond this year, I have been so excited about the dates that each of us girls have with Mom and Dad individually. With Mom, I went to the movies and to dinner. On Wednesday, Dad and I went on our Festibond date of 2012.

After Mom dropped me off at Dad’s office, Dad and I headed to his car and drove up to Otto’s Pizza. I ordered water as my drink, but rather than tap water, I received bottled water. Dad later explained to me that there was a water break in Portland, Maine, so the fountains and tap water were not necessarily safe to drink. I ordered mashed potato, bacon, and scallion pizza, the kind I always get when I go to Otto’s. Dad and I talked about my friends, family, and school. It was great bonding time.

Dad at Otto's Pizza
Dad at Otto’s Pizza
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Festibond 2012 – My Date With Hayley

Hayley and me: pre-date photo
Hayley and me: pre-date photo

Hayley did not stop talking the entire duration of our recent Festibond date, which I loved. At one point she admitted, “I don’t know how I got from [that subject] to this.” When I suggested to her it was a bit like natural selection and geologic time, she quickly picked up on it and explained to me the analogy. “When parents have a baby, it looks much like them. But after many generations, the babies look nothing like the original parents.” Booya! That’s my girl.

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Festibond 2011 – Date with Daddy

Today on my date with dad for Festibond we went ice skating and we went to lunch. I had a great time.

First we went ice skating at the Portland Ice Arena. They only take cash but dad only had two dollars in cash so we had to find a ATM machine. It was hard finding a ATM machine. We had to walk a long way to find a ATM machine and it was cold. ‘Fun’ can not possibly be the correct word for finding a ATM machine. When we found a ATM machine we went back to the ice skating rink and rented some skates.

Once we got on our skates we went out onto the rink. I held my dad’s hand tightly so I wouldn’t fall. Daddy seemed to just be pulling me around the ice so I was just gliding around. I enjoyed ice skating a lot. I asked dad many questions about hockey, like where they put the net, if he played hockey as a kid, and if he ever saw his friends fall on the ice while they were playing.

Hayley and Dad at the Portland Ice Arena

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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Hayley

This year Hayley wanted to go ice skating for our Festibond date. Which was great, because I wanted to go, too.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the Portland Ice Arena we discovered that it’s a cash-only operation and I only had $2. We walked down the hill to a credit union with a drive-up-only ATM. So we walked a bit further and found an ATM that would dispense the cash we needed. It was a chilly walk that took time away from skating, but it was nice being together. I gave Hayley a piggy-back and shoulder ride much of the way, which she enjoyed.

Hayley and Brent

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Skye’s First Day Skiing

Skye went skiing! Her school had a “BAM Day,” in which students were able to choose activities to expose them to new and fun physical activities. Although skiing was one of the more expensive of the many choices, I encouraged her to do it because I not-so-secretly want her to be my partner on the slopes. As the day approached she was nervous, but excited. I was, too.

Zach and Skye ride the lift
Zach and Skye ride the lift

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Jenna: Festibond 2010 Date With Brent

It was the 3rd of January. But not just the 3rd of January. Tonight it was date time for me and Dad.

I got dressed and everything. I wore a pink skirt with a belt, white tights, a white collared button down shirt tucked in, leather boots, a ponytail and a rose clip in my hair.

I brought my lyrics book just in case I wanted to sing in the car. But I still suggested I wouldn’t need it, because I would be talking to Dad on the way to the Cinemagic movie theater.

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Brent: Festibond 2010 Date With Jenna

When I first asked Jenna where she wanted to go on our Festibond date she said to the Boston Museum of Science. That was a bit too much. Her next request was sledding, but unfortunately the good snow we got on Festibond had mostly melted by the time we were ready to go on our date. We both settled for the movies even though, as she stated emphatically, it wouldn’t be conducive to us bonding much.

We sat in the middle of a mostly empty theater and shared a medium popcorn while we watched “Little “Fockers.” It was mostly dumb, but Jenna seemed to enjoy it and told me several times how much she enjoyed being on a date with me.

Little Fockers
Little Fockers

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