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Portrait Practice

The last two weekends I’ve been far enough away to get a hotel and close enough that Kir and the girls were willing to come visit for a night (or two). They enjoyed swimming in the hotel pool and watching television (two things they don’t get to do at home).

One of the Fridays was very slow at the church so the girls came in so I could practice.


Hayley and Kirsten
Hayley and Kirsten

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Happy Stinkin’ Anniversary, Babe!

Kirsten Uhler
Kirsten Uhler

We did it! We made it to lucky number thirteen. I really hate to celebrate an institution for which I have so much disdain. However, any excuse to celebrate you and us is good enough for me.

I love you, Babe. You make my world go ’round. You’re sexy and smart and funny. You’re the best mom on the planet and a damn good lover.

You complete me. I look forward to the next year together, and I cherish the hours, minutes and seconds.


Brent: If I Had a Million Dollars

I’d buy an airplane. Probably a pre-owned Cirrus SR22. The difficult part would be deciding which daughter to leave behind whenever we went somewhere. But I’d manage.

Kirsten and I would both quit our current jobs, for sure. And we’d both go to school. I’d get doctorate degrees in philosophy or evolutionary biology, probably. And a Doctor of Jurisprudence.

I’d also build a small web development firm and hire some amazing programmers and designers. It would be so much fun.

I’d probably stay in Saco and might even buy a small house nearer the coast.

I’d also get a new Nikon D3x and some sweet glass. And a sea kayak. And a Mac.

I’d make sure my family and friends were never hungry and didn’t suffer the stresses I’ve experienced lately. I’d anonymously make peoples’ lives better, too.

And I’d terminate my marriage (not our wonderful relationship).

Have I blown through the cash yet? A million dollars ain’t what it used to be. :)

Jenna’s New Backpack

Kirsten at L. L. Bean

Jenna’s backpack has holes in the bottom through which even the largest object can apparently disappear. It was time for a new one. Kirsten and I drove to Freeport soon after the bus picked up the girls. It was a fun morning at one of our favorite stores. We purchased the new backpack at a significant discount at the Outlet Store. A kind woman, Gina, was nice enough to break with policy and cut out the old monogram. Otherwise, Jenna would have had to be known simply as “Kristi”. The hour we were told it would take to pick out the old monogram and stitch in “Jenna” only lasted fifteen minutes. Kirsten and I talked while we roamed around the L. L. Bean campus and played with the oh-so-innovative snowball makers.

Jenna loves her new backpack. She gave us huge hugs and thanked us profusely.

Jenna’s new backpack

In the vestibule of the main store there was a large “replica” of Portland Head Light made out of gingerbread and other delicious-looking candies and sweets. They also had a backdrop for photography they do on Saturdays and Sundays. I had Kirsten pose in front of the winter scene. When the girls got home I showed them the image in the camera and told them we drove a long way to be in the snow. They were quite suprised. The looks on their faces were priceless. Skye was sure I had Photoshopped in the background until I reminded her the pictures were still in the camera. :)

Hayley and Daddy Go To War


At Hayley’s recent parent/teacher conference we were told Hayley likes to play “compare”. It is a card game in which the students each flip a card and the student with the higher card gets them both. It’s a lot like the familiar card game War. So, today, I taught Hayley how to play War. And she beat me.

Good job, Hayley. I had a lot of fun with you. You were very fast at determining which was the higher card. Mrs. Arnold is correct, you are competitive!