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Camping at Bradbury Mountain

Jenna has been asking me all summer to take a family camping trip. It seemed that there was always someone who was busy (with work or other summer activity). Realizing school would start in only a couple of weeks, I decided I needed to plan something very soon, so I began preparing for a camping trip to Bradbury Mountain State Park for the 3rd weekend in August.

Together the girls and I decided on the menu and purchased all the necessary ingredients. I searched for foil dinner and breakfast ideas, and found a couple winners. I prepared the individual foil dinners ahead of time, but because I was working the two nights prior to our departure, I didn’t have the time I needed to get everything done that I wanted to. As it turned out, I did forget a few things, but we made do. The girls and I drove up to Bradbury Mountain State Park (only about a 45-minute drive north) Friday afternoon after I slept a few hours. My car was packed full, and the girls were good sports about the small amount of room they had. Fortunately my new Subaru Crosstrek has a bit more space than my old little VW Jetta! Brent planned on meeting us there that evening after he got off work. After the girls and I secured our spot and set up camp, Brent arrived…with the firewood and some newspaper. He got a nice fire going. He’s a regular boy scout. ;-)

Campfire...photobombed by Hayley. ;-)
Campfire…photobombed by Hayley. ;-)
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Skye’s CELP Adventure

Skye is an environment enthusiast. She especially loves marine biology and has done much reading and research on the subject. It disturbs her to find trash discarded carelessly, especially plastics washed up on the beach. She has been conscientious about recycling, and is often frustrated by all the plastics being used excessively and unnecessarily, or to see people not bothering to recycle.

Several months ago, Brent and Skye attended a lecture by Waynflete about plastics. There they learned about a program called Rippleffect. Its purpose is “to promote youth development and leadership through adventure, healthy communities and living sustainably.” Skye was very enthusiastic about it, and proceeded to apply for the CELP, the Cow Island Environmental Leadership Program for high school age teens. She was accepted into the program, and excitedly made preparations for her 4-week stay at Cow Island.

Skye with her fellow CELP students
Skye with her fellow CELP students
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Skye: What I Like About Maine

I was excited to move to Maine because I have lived in Kansas for about eight years. After living here I discovered many reasons why I like Maine.

I like to go camping. It gives me the opportunity to make new friends. Once I made two new friends named Amber and Faith. We went fishing together. We all got big sticks and buoy string and tied them together. We used marsh mellows for the bait. I also like camping because you get to sleep in tents and roast marsh mellows and hot dogs on sticks.

Another thing I like about Maine is the weather. In the winter there is a lot of snow to build snowmen and go sledding. It is also not too cold. In the Summer it’s not too hot and it’s fun to play outside. I also like to play at the beach. I especially enjoy digging holes and riding my boogie board. I also like autumn because you can jump in piles of leaves and the temperature is just right. Not too hot and not too cold

Something else I like about Maine is the climate. In Kansas there was nothing as glamorous as anything in Maine. In Maine we have beautiful sights such as; mountains, beaches, oceans, forts, and lighthouses.

Those are the reasons I like Maine.