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Festibond 2012 – My Date With Dad

On Tuesday afternoon I went on a Festibond date with my dad. Festibond is a holiday my family celebrates every year in December. We spend a lot of time together, write each other loving letters, play games, give hugs, and my sisters and I each individually have a date with my mom and a date with my dad.

Me and Dad: pre-date photo
Me and Dad: pre-date photo

When we were driving to the restaurant, we had many conversations that ranged from the raindrops on the front window to school to talking about how you get from one conversation to another. When dad was driving, he went past the restaurant and when he noticed he did so, he went back and parked.

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Jenna Prepares Dinner

Jenna cooks off the salsa liquid

When I was a boy, my mother felt it was important to teach me and my siblings to be independent; to endow us with useful life skills. To that end she assigned each of us one night each week for which we would be responsible for planning, preparing, and cleaning up after a full meal for the entire family of seven. When, a couple weeks ago, I noticed that my daughters were subsisting on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I guiltily acknowledged my progeny were being cheated out of a bit of quality parenting. I proposed (more like dictated) each of the girls plan a full meal which they would later prepare for the family. Continue reading Jenna Prepares Dinner