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Skye: Something I Learned

Why is a bunny the mascot of Easter? Is it possible that a bunny is smart enough to hide eggs for kids to find?

Easter comes from the word Eastre, a pagan saxon goddess.

In the 1600s bunnies were first mentioned as an Easter symbol in German writings. Bunnies were to remind you of the delightful spring. It was told that children would make nests out of their caps. Then, bunnies would put eggs in the hats.

In the 1700s, German settlers came to America and told tales of the Easter Bunny. In the 1800’s the first edible Easter bunnies were made. They were made of pastry and sugar.

I was surprised that in the 1600s, kids just found the eggs in their hats instead of looking for them. It was interesting that the Bunny is a symbol to remind you of Spring.

Bunnies are the mascot of Easter to remind you of spring. Bunnies are definitely not smart enough to hide eggs.