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Brent: A Week To Live

“A week to live? Is that all? It can’t be. Come on, Doc, won’t you run another test? Please.”

I’ve done and seen a lot in my life. I don’t think I’d feel any urgency to have an experience-spree. What would be the point? There would be no time to reflect on those experiences or share them with friends.

No, I think I’d just focus on the important people in my life. I’d make sure they knew I loved them very much. I’d write letters to each of my daughters in which I’d give them my advice. I’d write my memoirs and share my wisdom.

And then I’d leave. I’d run away to die. If possible, I’d go out on my own terms: my own method and time. No depressing funeral and certainly no ghastly viewing. I prefer natural excarnation.