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Is that a Space Shuttle?

Tonight at Family Night Jenna introduced us to a new game, for which we take turns drawing and guessing the drawing. Each player draws an object on their paper, then folds the paper to hide the drawing and passes the paper to the player immediately next to their left, who writes on the same paper what they think is the drawn object. Then that player folds the guess out of sight and passes to their left, etc.

I drew a “rocket” and passed to Hayley. I’m not sure how, without solid rocket boosters, an orbiter, or an external fuel tank, she thought it was a Space Shuttle launch, but that’s what she wrote. Next, Jenna drew a nice Space Shuttle launching, for which Skye guessed, simply, “rocket?”

Full circle.

I drew a lovely generic rocket.
I drew a lovely generic rocket.

Hayley: Space Shuttle launch?

Jenna drew a fantastic Space Shuttle launch.
Jenna drew a fantastic Space Shuttle launch.

Skye: Rocket?

Wafer Cup Cakes

It was my turn to prepare the refreshments for Family Night this week. Kirsten helped me with the idea (and every other aspect). Our first go we filled the cups too full and they overflowed and collapsed the cups while baking. Our second attempt was far more successful. Cheap, simple and delicious.

Just fill ordinary ice cream wafer cups half full with ordinary cake batter. Bake. Frost. Decorate.

Kirsten basically did everything. She knows where all the stuff is and how to operate her gizmos. I tried to do it, but she wouldn’t let me.

Kirsten helping
Kirsten helping

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Skye: Family Night

My family and I invented a time to spend with each other because Festibond is only once or twice a year. We call it “Family Night”. Each week Family Night is on Saturday. Every week each person in the family has a task they get to be in charge of on Family Night.

The conductor is one of the tasks we get to do. They lead the Family Night. The conductor asks the people to do their tasks. The conductor can ask them in any order they like but the people do them one at a time. The tasks you get to do are; the conductor, reader, activity, discussion, and refreshments. Other important things we do are highlight of the week, something we learned, problems we are having, and what our next blog post will be about.

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Kirsten: Family Night

OK, so “family night” isn’t exactly a novel concept. We have had weekly family night in the past and like the idea of getting together each week to reconnect. Sometimes we get so busy with our daily activities and caught up in the stresses of life that we don’t always appreciate each other and our relationships–which is most important. I especially miss out on time with my family as I have been spending much of my time engaged in studying for school and working.

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Brent: Family Night

If family night is good for the Hefners it will be good for the Danlers, too.

If you’ve been following this blog you know Festibond 2008 was enormously successful. It doesn’t make sense to get the family together to bond only once or twice a year, so we decided to have a weekly meeting to share, discuss, learn and enjoy one another. We call this meeting, quite creatively, “Family Night”.

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Jenna: Family Night

Last night we had our first family night. It is about family members sharing with each other. We talk about things we did during the week and we spend time together doing things we enjoy.

First we went over family business. I had nothing to say. We also talked about what we learned this week. I said I learned that for the first time I heard the word visualize and learned what it means. It means to create a picture in your brain.

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