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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Dad

Every year I look forward to the individual Festibond dates I have with Dad and Mom. This year Dad and I decided to have dinner at Otto’s Pizza before going to a Portland Pirates’ hockey game. I read and studied the rules of hockey ahead of time so that I would be prepared.

At Otto’s I ordered a mashed potato, bacon and scallion pizza, which was better than I remembered. I enjoyed talking with Dad about what I thought of homeschool and who I thought was going to win the hockey game.

I'm eating a mashed potato bacon scallion slice of pizza.
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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Mom

For my Festibond date with Mom we went to a fancy restaurant called The Armory. Then we went to our favorite tea house, DobrĂ¡ Tea. Last, we went to the mall to go shopping. It was hard to figure all that out. At first we planned to play racquetball at Saco Sport and Fitness, but decided against it.

The Armory is very fancy. There are shelves of books painted on the walls, and I liked looking at them while I ate. There was one in which the spine read “Paris,” and another’s spine (which was rather thick) read “Egypt Vol. 1.” Then of course there was “Egypt Vol. 2,” 3, 4, 5, and 6. Some had painted bookmarks in them. I like that it looked like an old bookshop, even though it had a bar.

Me in front of the Regency Hotel
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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Skye

Skye and I went to Otto’s Pizza and a Portland Pirates’ game for our Festibond date. It was her idea, and I was pretty excited about it.

During the drive to Portland we talked about Skye’s relationships with her sisters, Festibond, homeschool and what it’s like to be an adolescent girl. It was nice to get to know Skye better and have some exclusive time with her.

Otto’s was good, as usual. Skye ordered her favorite slice: mashed potato, bacon, and scallion. I got one of those and a pepperoni (the sauce is crazy delish). We continued our conversation from the drive, which was nice.

Beer and a couple slices at Otto's Pizza.

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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Skye

Skye asked if we could walk around Old Port in Portland together and visit the shops in the area for our Festibond date. I hadn’t explored Old Port very much aside from some of the restaurants there, and I thought it sounded like fun. I had a wonderful time hanging out with my oldest daughter, who has recently passed me up in height. She borrowed my shirt, sweater, and shoes for our date together.

It was cold outside, so we first stopped at Starbucks to get some hot drinks to go. Skye ordered the eggnog latte, and I had a flavored espresso. In retrospect, we should have gone to Bard Coffee instead where the coffee is significantly better, but at least the beverages warmed us up as we embarked on our adventure in the chilly winter air.

Skye and me at Starbucks
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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Hayley

When Hayley and I were deciding on what to do for our Festibond date together, I suggested going to the Children’s Museum in Portland. We let our annual membership expire a couple years ago, and Hayley has missed going. Of course when I made the suggestion and told her about some special activities going on there that day, she was ecstatic about it.

I really enjoyed talking with Hayley on the drive to Portland and hearing her perspectives and opinions about various subjects and issues. I am constantly impressed with her understanding and interpretation of complex concepts, and her memory is amazing. It is fun to debate with her; and she often challenges my own way of thinking. She is so much fun to hang out with!

My little Hayley and me
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Festibond 2011 – My Date With Mom

Every year for Festibond, each of us “sisters” have a separate date with our parents. This year, my mom and I chose to walk around Portland and get to know the city.

Our first stop was the Coastal Maine Popcorn Company. There were many flavors of popcorn. Some common flavors include cheddar, garlic parmesan, and caramel. I thought it was weird that there were flavors such as buffalo wing, sour apple, and red hot cinnamon. There were huge bags of popcorn which were about two gallons! I think it’s silly that they have such huge bags; Nobody should buy that much popcorn for that price at a time.

Mom and I are at the Coastal Maine Popcorn Company

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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Mommy

Yesterday I went on a date with my mom for Festibond. It was really fun. For our date we baked cookies and went to the children’s museum.

First when we got to the children’s museum, we went downstairs to the theater where I put on a puppet show for my mom. At first I was all quiet but after a while I became very playful and mommy jumped in and started putting on the play with me.

I put on a puppet show for Mom.
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Festibond 2011 – Date with Daddy

Today on my date with dad for Festibond we went ice skating and we went to lunch. I had a great time.

First we went ice skating at the Portland Ice Arena. They only take cash but dad only had two dollars in cash so we had to find a ATM machine. It was hard finding a ATM machine. We had to walk a long way to find a ATM machine and it was cold. ‘Fun’ can not possibly be the correct word for finding a ATM machine. When we found a ATM machine we went back to the ice skating rink and rented some skates.

Once we got on our skates we went out onto the rink. I held my dad’s hand tightly so I wouldn’t fall. Daddy seemed to just be pulling me around the ice so I was just gliding around. I enjoyed ice skating a lot. I asked dad many questions about hockey, like where they put the net, if he played hockey as a kid, and if he ever saw his friends fall on the ice while they were playing.

Hayley and Dad at the Portland Ice Arena

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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Hayley

This year Hayley wanted to go ice skating for our Festibond date. Which was great, because I wanted to go, too.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the Portland Ice Arena we discovered that it’s a cash-only operation and I only had $2. We walked down the hill to a credit union with a drive-up-only ATM. So we walked a bit further and found an ATM that would dispense the cash we needed. It was a chilly walk that took time away from skating, but it was nice being together. I gave Hayley a piggy-back and shoulder ride much of the way, which she enjoyed.

Hayley and Brent

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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Jenna

My Festibond date with Jenna yesterday was wonderful. She asked to go bowling, then to dinner. So that’s what we did.

We bowled at Bayside Bowl for an hour. Jenna used the lane bumpers, but got good enough that she wasn’t using them much. She asked for lots of bowling tips, and I gladly gave her my best advice. One thing I love about Jenna is her dedication to perfection and perseverance. Many times she made her approach only to stop, reset and try again. She makes me very proud.

Brent's perfect bowling form

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