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Festibond 2012: My Date With Hayley

Hayley and I went out for our Festibond date this past Saturday. Several days earlier I told her about Silly’s, a restaurant in the East End in Portland. It’s a fun little place with very unique decor and an even more unique menu. When I showed her the website and online menu, she was excited to try it for our lunch date.

Hayley and me about to watch the play
Hayley and me
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Girl Scout Camp 2012

I went to Girl Scout Camp on the first full week of August. The drive was very long because Girl Scout Camp is far from where we live.

When we got there, we left my stuff in the car and went in and Mom and Dad signed me in. Then, we went to the Trading Post. At the Trading Post, I got a hat, t-shirt, and a backpack. Then, we went in the next part of the building and a counselor gave me a head check.

Then, we got my stuff from the car and walked up the steep and tiring hill to Ledges where I would be staying. When we finally got there, the head counselor, Velveteen, greeted us. Each tent was named after a pizza topping. She told me to go to my tent called Crispy Veggie and to get my swimsuit on for my swim test.

After that, my family and I went into my tent. After they knew I was settled in, they left. Once, I was in my swimsuit with sunblock and mosquito repellent, I walked to everyone else was waiting. We left in a buddy line to go to our swim test. We had to walk all the way back down Killer Hill to the waterfront. By then, we heard thunder which was a sign that it was going to rain. We had to walk all the way back to Ledges and it started to pour as soon as we got in our tent. Continue reading Girl Scout Camp 2012

Festibond 2011 – Date with Daddy

Today on my date with dad for Festibond we went ice skating and we went to lunch. I had a great time.

First we went ice skating at the Portland Ice Arena. They only take cash but dad only had two dollars in cash so we had to find a ATM machine. It was hard finding a ATM machine. We had to walk a long way to find a ATM machine and it was cold. ‘Fun’ can not possibly be the correct word for finding a ATM machine. When we found a ATM machine we went back to the ice skating rink and rented some skates.

Once we got on our skates we went out onto the rink. I held my dad’s hand tightly so I wouldn’t fall. Daddy seemed to just be pulling me around the ice so I was just gliding around. I enjoyed ice skating a lot. I asked dad many questions about hockey, like where they put the net, if he played hockey as a kid, and if he ever saw his friends fall on the ice while they were playing.

Hayley and Dad at the Portland Ice Arena

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Festibond 2011 – My Date with Hayley

This year Hayley wanted to go ice skating for our Festibond date. Which was great, because I wanted to go, too.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the Portland Ice Arena we discovered that it’s a cash-only operation and I only had $2. We walked down the hill to a credit union with a drive-up-only ATM. So we walked a bit further and found an ATM that would dispense the cash we needed. It was a chilly walk that took time away from skating, but it was nice being together. I gave Hayley a piggy-back and shoulder ride much of the way, which she enjoyed.

Hayley and Brent

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Hayley: Festibond 2010 Date With Dad

On year 2010 Festibond on my date with Daddy I first went to the movies. We watched “Gulliver’s Travels.” It was funny and I laughed a lot. We shared popcorn. I got cookie dough bites and lemonade and Dad got Coke.

After the movie we went to Margarita’s for dinner. I had a kid’s taco, and Dad got Margarita’s Famous Taster. My taco was wicked delish! Dad asked if I was going to order fried ice cream, but I didn’t know what that was. I tried it. It was crispy on the outside and just like plain vanilla ice cream on the inside, with honey on top. It was pretty good except it had too much honey. I’m not going to get honey next time.

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Hayley: Festibond 2010 Date With Kirsten

On December 29, 2010, I went on a date with my mom, which is part of our Festibond tradition.

First we went to the Palace Diner and I got a blueberry pancake. When I told Mom that chefs were better than cooks and said that Kyle was definitely a chef, she thought it was funny and put it on the blog she wrote about our date.

My blueberry pancakes at the Palace Diner

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Mystery: Spontaneously Manifolding Oatmeal

Walking to Starbucks
Walking to Starbucks

This morning our whole family walked to Starbucks in Saco to enjoy the beautiful weather, wonderful Starbucks concoctions, our books and each other. Along the way Kirsten and I demonstrated to Jenna the intricacies of sidewalk navigation and how to be a good and safe pedestrian. It was a glorious morning, and the sun was warming the air to an unseasonably warm temperature.

At Starbucks we ordered our drinks, found some comfortable chairs and began to read, play our iPod/iPhones and talk. It was wonderful. After a little while Hayley looked quite tired, so I offered to hold her on my lap as I read. She squirmed around a bit to get comfortable and dozed off to a restful sleep. Then she puked. All. Over. Me. Where in the hell did all that oatmeal come from, and how did two oatmeal packets turn into quarts of oatmeal vomit?

Hayley resting peacefully
Photo: Kirsten Uhler

Dorothy, a frequent Starbucks customer and barista, kindly got me two clean wet washcloths so I could begin to remedy this embarrassing and completely disgustingly awful situation. When the worst of the vomit was off the chair and floor I went to the bathroom to clean myself. Kirsten had already rushed Hayley off to the women’s restroom so she could continue to purge the putrid oatmeal from her unusually gargantuan stomach.

After the chunks were off my shirt and shorts I walked home to get the car–alone, and soaking wet.

Hayley and I have now showered and life has returned to its usual blissful state. Hayley seems to be feeling well, but is carrying a bowl, just in case.

Hayley’s Beach Party

Yesterday Kirsten and I had the opportunity to visit Hayley’s kindergarten class for an end-of-the-year beach party. It was a lot of fun. Mrs. Arnold’s pupils went through their usual morning routine before reading to us a book they’d written and illustrated. Then Mrs. Arnold played for us a slide show that was absolutely wonderful (a tear jerker). She is an extremely talented photographer and was able to capture not only the activities of the students, but their personalities as well.

Kirsten and I feel very fortunate that Hayley had Mrs. Arnold this year. She has great command of her students and exudes compassion for them.

Hayley was Star of the Day
Hayley was Star of the Day
Hayley got to sit in the rocking chair
Hayley got to sit in the rocking chair
Hayley reads her book to Kirsten
Hayley reads her book to Kirsten
The Flying Dog, illustrated by Hayley Danler
The Flying Dog, illustrated by Hayley Danler
The slideshow was phenomenal!
The slideshow was phenomenal!
Hayley's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Arnold
Hayley's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Arnold