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Skye: My Mother

I love my mother because she helps me when I need help and keeps me safe. She is also a great mother to my sisters. I can always count on her. She is the one for me.

My mom helps me do my homework. If I have a problem that is too hard, she can help me solve that problem. Another way she helps me solve my problems is when the girls and I are getting in a fight. She always helps deal with those problems. I am so glad she helps me.

My mother also keeps me safe. She keeps me safe by telling me to brush my teeth morning and night so I don’t get cavities. My mother also tells me not to go in the road by myself so I don’t get hit by cars. I’m so glad she keeps me safe.

I’m glad I have a wonderful, spectacular, awesome, sweet, caring, loving mother. I love visiting my mom at work. I am also glad that my mom does things for me that she doesn’t have to do.