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Kirsten: A Week To Live

Let’s say I only had a week to live. A week isn’t a lot of time. Sure, there are many things I’ve always wanted to do, but I’m not going to waste my last week on earth trying to do them.

I would spend every minute with my family, and do the things that we most enjoy doing together. I would write letters to everyone and make sure all my loved ones knew how I felt about them, that they were at peace, and taken care of.

I don’t mind dying so much as losing a loved one. I also worry about the people I leave behind, and hope they wouldn’t be sad. Like Brent, I would definitely not want a viewing. No casket, and no burial. I’d like to donate my body to science, or have it cremated. I wouldn’t want a funeral either, at least not in the traditional sense. I wouldn’t want it to be a mournful occasion, but rather a “fond memories of Kirsten” occasion.

Jenna: A Week to Live

If I had a week to live I would spend the week with my grandparents. I would play games with them, we would read to each other, and we would also play music. On the last minute to die I would say, “I will miss you. I love all of you. Bye!” I would cry. When the minute was over I would fall down and close my eyes and die.

Your brain turns off when you die. If you were in the ground, bugs would eat your skin. You wouldn’t know anything’s happening to you. If you woke up from the dead, you would not know anything. If your friends didn’t know you were dead and then find out, they would be crying because they care about you and it’s horrible.

I would cry if one of my friends died. There are lots of ways you could die: a car crash, a gun, too sick, too old, a bow-and-arrow, and fighting.

Hayley: A Week To Live

If I was going to die in one week I would spend more time with my family. We would take the train to Boston. For dinner we could go to Hooters. For the rest of the week we would stay at the hotel where we could go to breakfast, go swimming, and watch cartoons. I would also like to go sledding.

Finally, I would say goodbye to my cousins, grandparents, and friends. I hope that when I die they would all remember me. If my friends or family died, I would be sad, but I would always remember them.

Skye: A Week To Live

If I was going to die in one week I would do a lot. I would visit all my relatives. They would be glad to see me and say good-bye before I died.

Of course I would want to do some things I never tried before. I would want to go to “Funtown Splashtown“. Some things that I’ve done that I want to do again are play mini golf and bowling.

I would want to have a big “Leaving” sleep-over party. I would invite Andrea, Haley, Hailey, Hayley, Jenna, Madison N., Taylor, Tanner, John, Caleb, Lucy, Mom, Dad, Mrs. Moores, Mrs. Walton, and Mrs. Littlefield. We would watch movies and have popcorn.

I think that death is a bad way to go away from your family forever. You’re close to your family and don’t want to leave them.

Brent: A Week To Live

“A week to live? Is that all? It can’t be. Come on, Doc, won’t you run another test? Please.”

I’ve done and seen a lot in my life. I don’t think I’d feel any urgency to have an experience-spree. What would be the point? There would be no time to reflect on those experiences or share them with friends.

No, I think I’d just focus on the important people in my life. I’d make sure they knew I loved them very much. I’d write letters to each of my daughters in which I’d give them my advice. I’d write my memoirs and share my wisdom.

And then I’d leave. I’d run away to die. If possible, I’d go out on my own terms: my own method and time. No depressing funeral and certainly no ghastly viewing. I prefer natural excarnation.