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Skye is playing little league softball!

Little League Softball logoThis year Skye is playing softball with the Saco Girls Little League. It’s her first year playing and she’s having a great time. Last night was their first loss, but it was close. Today we have a double-header to make up two games that were cancelled due to rain.

The girls switch positions in the field nearly every inning, so they get to try it all, which is nice. It’s fast pitch, but most are balls and there are a lot of walks. The girls’ skills aren’t well developed, but the games are fun to watch and probably more fun to play. They all seem to have a great time and get along with each other well.

It’s fun to sit and talk to the other parents. I have really enjoyed cheering for Skye and her teammates.

Skye and I play catch in the yard nearly every day. She is very good at throwing and her catching has improved dramatically since the start of the season a few short weeks ago. It’s nice to see her progressing and refining her skills. It’s been a nice time for us to spend together doing something we both enjoy.

Slugger Skye
Slugger Skye

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