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Festibond 2012 – My Date With Jenna

Jenna and Me
Jenna and Me

I was really looking forward to my Festibond date with Jenna. Time alone with Jenna is always precious, as she usually prefers to be by herself, and doesn’t easily share her thoughts. Alone, she usually opens up more. I get a great deal out of our one-on-one time, and treasure every opportunity to spend it with her. We planned to go bowling, then to lunch.

Bowling at Bayside Bowl is always good. Jenna got a root beer, and I got an Allagash Black (heaven). She did a great job keeping her ball off the bumpers and hitting the pins. I wasn’t really feeling it. Blame it on the house ball and holes that are never the proper size. It was fun to get hugs and high-fives from Jenna, and to see her big smile.

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