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Kirsten: If I Had a Million Dollars

What would I do with a million dollars…

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After I finish nursing school I would continue my education. I’d take courses in philosophy, politics, economics, foreign languages, forensics and other sciences… the list goes on. I would also go to culinary school and take guitar lessons.

I would definitely travel. France is my first choice; however I want to travel all over the world. I’d love to experience new and diverse places, people, and cultures.  I would also arrange for family and friends to come visit us in Maine.

Here’s what I wouldn’t do: buy a bunch of stuff. People accumulate so much miscellany; I’d rather eliminate the clutter and stress. I like being a minimalist.

Brent: If I Had a Million Dollars

I’d buy an airplane. Probably a pre-owned Cirrus SR22. The difficult part would be deciding which daughter to leave behind whenever we went somewhere. But I’d manage.

Kirsten and I would both quit our current jobs, for sure. And we’d both go to school. I’d get doctorate degrees in philosophy or evolutionary biology, probably. And a Doctor of Jurisprudence.

I’d also build a small web development firm and hire some amazing programmers and designers. It would be so much fun.

I’d probably stay in Saco and might even buy a small house nearer the coast.

I’d also get a new Nikon D3x and some sweet glass. And a sea kayak. And a Mac.

I’d make sure my family and friends were never hungry and didn’t suffer the stresses I’ve experienced lately. I’d anonymously make peoples’ lives better, too.

And I’d terminate my marriage (not our wonderful relationship).

Have I blown through the cash yet? A million dollars ain’t what it used to be. :)

Jenna: If I Had a Million Dollars

Thomas Lavasser
Thomas Lavasser

If I had a million dollars I would pay for an airplane to take me to Disney World. I love Disney World.

I would buy a puppy…at the vet. I like pups!

I would pay to go to the zoo. I just love looking at animals.

I would make a party for Father’s and Mother’s Day, because I love my parents.

I would buy a million packs of gum. Yum!

I would invite my friend Thomas over to go to a nice restaurant. I’ll pay! I love Thomas Lavasser!

I would buy six workbooks. Plus, I love learning!

Hayley: If I Had a Million Dollars

If I had a million dollars I would take half of it and buy White Kit-Kats and put them in all the cupboards. I love White Kit-Kats.

With the other half I would use it for a trip if we ever want to go on one. We can go to our cousins’ or we can go to our Grammy’s house or Papa’s. I’d also go to my other grammy, Grandma Kathy, and Heypop and Nana.

If I still have more I’d just use it for when I grow up. Then I would buy furniture and a house.

That’s what I’d do with a million dollars.

Skye: If I had a Million Dollars

Beagles are fit my favorite dog
Beagles are my favorite dog

If I had a million dollars I would pay for the whole family to go on a boat ride to Ellis Island (which is now a museum). Since my class at school started immigration work I’ve wanted to go to Ellis Island. Ellis Island is a neat place because it brings back memories of immigrants and you can learn about the history of long ago. I want my family to come to enjoy it and so I can spend time with them.

Since dogs are so cute and playful I would also buy a dog. It’s name would be Brownie. It would be a beagle. I would also buy a comfy bed, dog food, collar, leash, dog food bowl, brush, and some play toys. I would be responsible. I would walk it every day, give it a bath, feed it, groom it, play with it, and bring it to the vet. I would keep it as far away from dad as much as possible. He doesn’t like them.

I would also hire some workers to build me a pool where the weeds in my backyard stand. Though first I’m going to ask someone to pull out the weeds and build a nice stone path leading to the pool. It would be so pretty. I would make a flower railing along the side. I would give some money to Margret and David Saunders so I could pay them back for cutting there weeds to make a path that leads to the pool.

I would pay lots of money to make a club. The money would be used for buying the supplies that everyone will need. They would need notebooks for their journals so they could write their thoughts and things that they are anxious to tell someone (the someone is the journal). They would also need one writing utensil. I would also make a big “WELCOME TO THE CLUB” party. We would go to the mini golf place. We would stop by the ice cream truck and get some ice cream to eat while we play mini golf.

The last thing I would get if I got a million dollars is an electric guitar so I could play it on stage and just play it for fun.

That’s what I’d do with a million dollars.