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Skye: If I Could Travel

If I could travel anywhere, where would I go? That is a hard question, because there are many places I would like to travel.

I would especially like to travel to the ocean. I would see all the fish and see how whales live. If any sharks tried to attack, I would swim as fast as the speed of light to get away. It would be neat to be able to communicate with the fish. I would want to speak to the sea animals and play with them.

Exploring the ocean would be fun and exciting because I never studied the water carefully to get a good look at the things in the water.

Jenna: If I Could Travel

Jenna: Sea LifeI would want to travel under the sea because I love science. If Daniel Radcliffe was my relative, I would bring him. (He’s so cute!) I would bring back some fish so they can be my pets.

I love traveling. My favorite sea animal is an eel. I’m good at drawing eels. I know octopuses fight with sharks. It will probably be scary if I go down to the sea.

I got a ocean animal drawing book at the library. Now I know how to draw marine animals. I love using it.