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Brent: An Ideal Pet

boxer-dog-breedI’m not a pet guy, simply because they are too expensive, dirty and time consuming.

If I were to get a pet it would be a Boxer dog. An ideal pet would be a Boxer dog that neither barked, ate, shed, shat, became ill, required attention nor grooming.

Perhaps I should stick to human kids. If raised properly they eventually take care of themselves. What pet can do that trick?

Skye: An Ideal Pet

beagle_skyeIf I could have any pet in the world I would want a dog. Not just any dog, I want a Beagle. I want a Beagle because they are so cute and cuddly. If you sleep with one you will be warm. I especially want a Beagle because I like the pattern of their spots.

My Beagle would be named Brownie because Beagles have a rich brown color like a chocolate brownie. I would buy it a comfy bed, cage, dog food, doggy treats, collar, leash, dog bowl, doggy sized bathtub, scrubber, shampoo, soap, and toys to play with.

I would play with Brownie when I’m not too busy. Later in my life if I was too busy I would buy another dog to be Brownie’s friend. I would play with both of them any time I could and take them on walks.

My ideal pet is a Beagle dog.