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An Amazing Day Hiking in Maine

Yesterday was a brilliant Maine day. Temperatures were in the upper 50 °F with partly cloudy skies. Perfect. Kirsten had to work so the girls and I headed out to explore and enjoy the big outdoors.

First we went to nearby Saco Heath Preserve, which is a short 3.6 miles from our house. The hike through the woods and out into the heath were ideal. Skye and Hayley took copious notes on every sensation they experienced, including smell, touch, see and hear. They frequently stopped to sit on the boardwalk to search for frogs or to snack on the trail mix they had each prepared prior to our departure.

Jenna explores the Saco Heath Preserve
Jenna explores the Saco Heath Preserve

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A Saturday In Maine

This past Saturday we headed out early to Lisbon Falls, Maine where we watched the Moxie Festival parade. After the parade we spent several hours at Fort Williams State Park where the girls played on the rocks while Kirsten and I read and talked.

We’ve had so many rainy days this summer it is almost a requirement that we spend non-rainy days engaged in outdoor activities. :)

The Moxie Festival Parade in Lisbon Falls, Maine
The Moxie Festival Parade in Lisbon Falls, Maine

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First Snow

Hayley, Skye and Jenna at Fort Williams
Hayley, Skye and Jenna at Fort Williams

Yesterday was our first snow. It also happened to coincide with the Winter Meetup of the Maine Flickr Meetup Group. I also happened not to be working.

Turnout for the meetup was excellent. I met some really great people and reconnected with old friends. Some people took pictures but I mostly talked, which is fine with me. The weather was perfect for the occasion. The snow flakes were large and coming down quite steadily. The girls had fun playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at me.

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Finally, A Day Together!

Yesterday Kirsten “called out” so we could spend the day as a family. I’m glad she did. Our work and school schedules rarely allow for us to be together during the day. And the day was absolutely gorgeous. Fleece weather, my favorite. We brought the cameras along.


Kirsten made a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, toast, grits, bacon, orange juice and coffee. How lucky am I?!? Jenna read to us the book, “Fairly Stupid Tales”, which is hilarious, especially the way she reads it. At different parts she is quiet, loud, fast, slow, and inflects her voice where appropriate. It was great fun to listen to, and watch, her read this super silly story.

Does it get any better than this?

Jenna is hilarious! And a terrific reader.


After breakfast we all went to church. Kirsten hasn’t had many experiences with church outside of Mormonism and I really wanted her to see how religion is done right. Hayley and Skye went to Sunday School after the children’s sermon and Jenna stayed with us up on the balcony. It was nice to be alone with her for a short time. Kirsten enjoyed the experience, as did I.

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First Parish Congregational Church of Saco

Skye didn’t have to twist my arm too much to get me to take the family to Portland Head Light. I’m so glad it is becoming one of their favorite places, too.

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We did a family photo then shots of the girls together and individually before releasing them to go play on the rocks. Kirsten and I enjoyed each other’s company as we talked, watched the girls play, and relished being Mainers.

The girls are not allowed in my car
unless they have a book

The Danleys

Directing the models

Our girls

Shooting my baby

Hayley and a light

Skye and a light

Gulls and a light

Jenna and a light

“Just one more.”

I always tell the girls, “just one more”, while we’re doing a shoot. It’s never just one more. It’s become a running joke. After every shot I told them, “just one more”, and by the time I took this they were all in stitches.

No wind machine necessary

The photographer

My sweet Kirsten

Nice photo, Skye


My first trip to Maine was a stopover in Bangor on the way to England. We were dragging across the pond a couple of F-16 fighter aircraft the Belgians had recently purchased. The Maineiacs of the 101st ARW were very good to us. I noticed their sticker on the flagpole at Fort Williams State Park a while ago and have been meaning to take a picture of it ever since.

Frozen Skye

Frozen Danleys

To get their picture walking back to the car I repeatedly told the girls to “freeze!”. Skye seems to have overacted just a bit. :)

The girls always love going to the Children’s Museum of Maine. And, since we have an annual pass, we go whenever they ask. They played for a long time as Kirsten and I talked and flirted with each other. They enjoyed themselves so much they didn’t even get to the second floor by the time we had to leave.


Hayley enjoyed playing in the fire truck

Full Service

Feigning boredom


Children’s Museum of Maine

I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so Kirsten made me one of my favorite meals, a Reuben sandwich. It was wonderful!


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