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My New Invention: Pop-up machine

If I could make a new invention it would be a pop-up machine. It would be tiny: about the size of a pack of gum. Inside, it has everything you could imagine. When you want something just say what you want. You know what’s even cooler? Well, you can say the color and pattern you want, too.

Plus, you can say “pop eraser” and a special eraser will pop out. This isn’t just any ordinary eraser. This eraser will erase things you popped out that you no longer want. Just tap the thing two times with the special “pop eraser” and it disappears back into the machine.

These pop-up machines are only $100. That is not much considering you’ll never have to buy crappy junk again. Plus, you can tell the machine to pop out money that you can use to pay bills. These machines last forever so you won’t ever have to buy anything else.

That would be my invention.