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Hayley: Snow

I like snow because I can make a snowman.

The way to make a snowman is to take one big chunk of ice and put it somewhere on the ground wherever you want the snowman.  Then if you want to make it a little smooth, take a bucket and put snow in it and bring it by the snowman.  If people are with you, you can all put snow on it.  If you want to make the snowman bigger and bigger, you get more and do the same thing with it.

When you’re done you can get a carrot for the nose, two raisins for the eyes, and you can get one long piece of licorice for the mouth.  If you want some arms, you get two sticks.  If you want the snowman to have a hat, you can get a bucket and put it on the snowman’s head or you can use your own hat for the snowman.  If you want it to look like it snowed on the snowman, you can take snow and sprinkle it on its hat.  If you don’t want anybody to make the snowman tinier or mess it up, you can get a bunch of chunks of ice and put them around the snowman.