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The Day of the Play

This morning I was so excited to go to the play of “A Christmas Carol.” My dad asked to chaperon earlier during the month, so he got to. The number one reason he offered to chaperon is to ride on the bus. He hasn’t rode a bus since he was a kid. Three more reasons he offered to chaperon is so he can see Mr. Reinhartsen, spend time with me, and watch the play. When I got to school I couldn’t wait until 9:05 am. That was the time we were supposed to get on the bus. I did the day starter (morning time work) I’m supposed to do in the morning. I waited and kept looking at the clock. I was so excited. Soon they called us to the front doors. I got to see my old friends from my class last year because they are in fifth grade reading. Mr. Reinhartsen wanted all the reading kids to come to “A Christmas Carol”. Suddenly I saw the bus and my dad, so we got on.

While we were on the bus I taught my dad Concentration 64, Tom Boy, (those are hand shakes) and talked to him.

When we got there we sat in comfy seats. Before we watched the play we had to sing “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. They divided the audience into twelve groups, one for each day. When it was our turn we had to stand and sing our part and do our hand motions. It was fun. Finally we started watching the play. It was really good. Some parts were so scary I gasped! It was about a grouchy man named Ebenezer Scrooge who hated people and Christmas so he was haunted by three spirits. At the very end he had a happy life and he was nice to people. It was the best play I’ve seen in a long time. After the first act we got to eat a donut.

On the bus ride home my dad and I did a debate about god. When we got to C.K. Burns, I said good-bye to daddy and went inside. Since we were late for the regular lunch time, Mrs. Walton said we could eat lunch in the classroom while we work. We ate a pasta kind of stuff, strawberry juice with cut up strawberries, bread, and chocolate milk.

When we got home there were fresh-baked cupcakes on the counter. Mommy told us that we could decorate them. It was fun. I did cool designs.

That was my day.

My Day

Yesterday I went to school. I always eat breakfast at school so I did. After I ate I went outside and played for a little bit near the playground. During immigration work I made a paper passport. Today we are going to write the first entry in our journal. I’m always exited for recess. I get to hang out with some of the friends that aren’t in my class or friends that I don’t hang out with much that are in my class.

We have lunch after recess so, we did. After lunch I couldn’t wait until GT. We were going to watch a movie, The Secret Garden. I only brought it in DVD. Sorry to find out they didn’t have any DVD players, only VHS. We ended up just getting the new book and a big dictionary (to find words for which we can write the definition). We ended up reading the rest of the time and answering questions.

At the end of the day I called my dad and asked if I could go to math team. The answer was yes! I went to math team with Caleb Bailey. We multiplied decimals. I also got to sit by Ashley Howe (she was in my class last year) and do story problems. Near the end we got two suckers.


Why did the principal feel sorry for the workbook?
Because it had soooo many problems.

Who rules the school?
The prince-ipal.

What you need to understand about betting

Betting is not something one would just do for the sake of experimenting or as a pass time activity. It is something that must be taken seriously, that’s why people need to read theĀ fantasy news everyday before thinking of placing any bets.

A good bet for us is to bet on the first day of the NFL Draft. There are only four teams drafting on day two. The first day of the draft has always been a big day for some teams, so I will not predict any of the last three drafts, but I will focus on the first day.

This is a long shot, but it is my favorite bet to try out the week before a draft. It is a $1 wager to win $200.

A lot of people see the money as the primary motivation behind putting up a wager, but when it comes to this wager, I truly feel it is for the fun of it. I don’t want to place any wagers for any other reason than to be able to gamble for the day. I feel the betting community is a fun one. I would not want to watch the NFL without making a wager on the first game I see.

I am not a big sports bettor, but I had some exposure to wagering in college. It was fun and the experience was very rewarding for me. Some of my most memorable sports wagers were with my friends, and we often took turns. We were able to make the $100 bet with one wager. One of my favorite bets were a friend’s $50 wager for my home games in college, and a friend’s $200 bet. We are currently on our second bet of the season, and I still think the wagering community is a very fun one.

The one thing I would avoid is betting the exact same thing all the time. That’s just too boring for me. I would rather bet a more spread out spread. Maybe you don’t care that much about football, but if you don’t bet it often you might enjoy the odd football bet. And for those sports that don’t pay out much, you can still get in on a little league league game, or join a church league or golf league. The sports community is really a lot of fun, and it is a bit of a waste to play the same sport over and over and over again.